Where is my ad? Why don’t they want to connect with me?


As I sip my soy flat white quite slowly, taking advantage of the free wifi this lovely little cafe in Marrickville has to offer, I try and prepare for the interviews at Blue by Red PR and Edelman PR that I have miraculously managed to line up for this Friday morning coming.

Knowing that I should be halfway through drafting a variety of press releases in preparation for the writing test I need to complete for Edelman PR, I cant help feeling that a blog post is necessary at this exact moment – to express my complete confusion in the absence of any kind of social media strategy by Heinz Australia for their newest advertisement.

As a member of the Millennial Generation, am I biased in my views on just how critically important it is for companies to create meaningful, branded online content to ensure the development and maintenance of strong relationships with stakeholders?


Do I think this bias has negatively affected my judgement?

Not at all. In fact, I think as a member of this generation, my insight could prove quite valuable to any companies looking to reach Generation Y and Z.

I noticed the lack in social media strategy behind Heinz Australia’s newest advertising campaign when I went to draft my first practice press release this morning, searching for the advertisement online so that I could watch it again, as I have only seen it once, to get a better grasp of the concept.

This ad, if you have not seen it – is fantastic! Highlighting the “Australian way” of keeping warm in winter with no regard to fashion, Heinz shows a range of typically Australian winter fashion faux paus including a young woman wearing her Nanna’s blanket as a shawl, and a tradie wearing ugg boots with shorts and a t-shirt.

With the phrase “proud to be warm” placed throughout the advertisement, I initially began to googled the phrase (as my generation does) alongside other key words like “Heinz” and “advertisement” and “campaign” and “2013” – to no avail.

After searching through the Heinz soup Facebook page and Youtube channel I still came up short.

What made it even worse was that the Heinz Australia twitter page is branded based entirely on the Heinz Beanz Meanz concept as @beanzmeanzau – with no reference to this new advertisement or this new clever concept.

This lack of social media utilisation astounds me.

Watching the advertisement for the first time on Monday night and finding it particularly clever – my mind began to wander and I developed an Instagram competition which would ensure greater brand/campaign awareness and ultimately create stronger relationships with consumers and drive loyalty and sales. This is due to the fact I consider social media strategies to be a very significant element of developing strong relationships with consumers from the millennial target.

To prove exactly what I mean by this, my next post will describe in detail the entire social media campaign I have created revolving around Heinz’s very Australian “proud to be warm” advertisement, ensuring there is a deeper connection created between Heinz and their stakeholders.

Involving the utilisation of Instagram’s hugely popular new video feature, a dedicated Twitter page, Facebook page, and increased following, I look forward to articulating exactly how social media can assist in providing Heinz with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Until then… I will frown and search until I find it!


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