MLA? More like M.I.A




So after a week of searching for the “proud to be warm” soup ad that seems to have gone M.I.A, I was able to locate it – however it was not an advertisement for Heinz as I had first expected – it has in fact turned out to be the 2013 winter beef campaign by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). Nevertheless, whilst they hold a relatively high following on their Facebook and Twitter platforms, there is no sign of any accompanying social media strategy to MLA’s Winter 2013 Beef “proud to be warm” campaign.

This is awful! In this digital age a social media strategy is necessary if you are to boost the profile of your brand and successfully engage consumers. Below I have drafted a brief outline of how I would use social media to accompany the MLA Beef Campaign and in turn create an engaged audience, promoting the MLA brand.

First, I need to clearly identify the goals and objectives of the campaign :

*Increase winter sales of Australian beef by 40% in 2013

*Reach 10k followers by the end of winter 2013

*Increase brand preference of Beef in Winter when compared to over other alternatives in that brand category – amongst the millennial generation target market.

Secondly, I need to decide on the platforms I want to use. The existing Twitter and Facebook platforms would help cross promote the competition, however I would concentrate on the creation of a new Instagram account @MLA to focus the campaign on utilizing the new video feature.

The campaign would revolve around a multi-platform competition, however general publicity would be needed to fully support this.

Thirdly, the strategies:

The competition would ask Instagrammers to create a 15 second video showing how unfashionable Australians can truly be in their mission to stay warm through these long three months of winter. They would need to first post a picture of the competition flyer on their personal profile and tag @MLA and then hash tag #mla #proudtobewarm #australianbeef. Then they will need to post their video creation using the same tags and hash tags. This will increase the reach of this campaign immensely and allow us to keep in touch with consumers.

In saying that, it is important to continually engage the consumers by ensuring truly “Aussie” quotes, pics etc were uploaded regularly across all platforms to appeal to the millennial target.

Offline publicity to support the Instagram competition would include:

Television- The most creative 20 entries would be placed on a television advertisement played on prime time television and the general public would decide the winner by visiting the MLA Facebook and casting their vote (not without liking the page first of course).

Events- Setting up tents in central places in the major cities around Australia (e.g. Martin place in Sydney) with promoters providing a wardrobe of daggy winter fashion to choose from and encouraging passers by to come and record their 15 second entry and to like MLA on all social media sites, we will also request emails to subscribe to the mailing list. The winner will be notified by email.

Now, if only MLA reads this, likes it and hires me to turn this campaign into a reality…

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