5 Helpful Tips For Creating Engaging Bite-Sized Content

As the number of brands using social media increases, it is crucial for businesses to create engaging bite-sized content. Here are five tips to get you started:


Employees are the human element of an organisation and as such are perfect sources for online content. Social media works well for organisations in providing a space where consumers and brands are on equal level. By showcasing the human faces behind an organisation, consumers will feel less like they are being sold to and can instead make a personal connection to the brand.


Social media has increased the power of Word of Mouth marketing through the simplicity of opinion-sharing online, so it is important that customers are interviewed and used as rich sources of content.

When sourcing consumers, organisations should keep in mind the social media personas present within their customer base. By targeting and interviewing key influencers and engagers on a topic relevant to how they interact with your business, you can consequently produce positive posts featuring their opinion to reach a larger and more engaged audience.


A recent study has discovered that the visual component of Instagram is what helped the platform grow to 100 million users, which is why it is of utmost importance that brands post visually stimulating content that deeply reflects their brand personality.

How can I ensure this? Define clearly what colours, images, symbolism or font you see as reflective of your organisation’s values and mission statement. Defining this will assist in ensuring that only on-brand content is posted to develop a consistent and reliable brand image.


The internet has allowed anyone and everyone to become a publisher, there really is no authority to “check your work” before you hit send.

While businesses must be careful before publishing information online in any circumstance, it is especially important for businesses to check many times before publishing content on social media platforms. Posting content that contains spelling errors or that is inconsistent with your brand personality can place doubt in the mind of consumers about your credibility as an organisation.


To engage consumers, clients or potential business partners with your brand, you have to become a thought-leader in your industry, and in order to achieve this you must read relevant information from industry professionals both online and offline.

How?  It’s as easy as finding an interesting article, sharing the link and adding an opinion in line with your brand demonstrating your organisation’s expertise. This type of content is value-adding and effective in placing your organisation in an “expert” position and building a relationship with your consumers where they see your business as a leader in its field.


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