Google sees Facebook as a rising tide, do you have a boat?


Last Friday, Payam Shodjai, the senior product manager for Google’s ad network DoubleClick, announced in a very short blog post that Facebook and Google would become partners in selling Google advertisers inventory on the Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX).

The inconspicuous announcement of their partnership has in no way reflected the magnitude of the deal, which will directly affect the 9 million Australians logging onto Facebook every day. Businesses will be using DoubleClick’s bidding software to buy premium ad spots in consumers’ Facebook news feeds based on their online activity (both inside and outside of the social network).

Labelled “the tide that lifts all boats,” Google can see the increasing value of advertising on the Facebook news feed. This value was recently indicated in a study that showed, on average, users checked their Facebook feed 14 times a day. The connection between consumers and their Facebook news feed provides businesses with unprecedented opportunities to reach their target market in a more personal context than traditional advertising has ever allowed.

Jayson Hornibrook, Co-Founder of leading social media agency Peazie, describes the partnership announcement as the much-needed push for all businesses, big or small, to establish a presence on Facebook. “This new announcement has only solidified further the need for brands to be on and have an integrated strategy with their social media. The other option is to drown.”

Does your business/client have a boat sturdy enough to stay afloat?

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