No comparisons- period.


If I was to give one piece of advice to anyone starting out on a journey, whether it be toward a healthier, fitter lifestyle or a toward a prosperous and successful career, it would be this:

Do NOT compare your progress with anyone other than yourself. Everyone is different. Thoroughly research the best methods to achieve what you define as “Success” and then set yourself realistic goals to achieve it. Do not be disheartened by stories of others who were able to reach their goals quicker, or easier -or tales of those lucky bastards who seem to have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Thinking that you will never achieve what they will is poisonous. These thoughts will eat away at your motivation, focus and desire to succeed, and you know what? You probably won’t ever achieve what they will – because you are a different person, and you have different strengths.

Be proud of who you are, what you are working towards, and your motivation and determination to achieve it. If you have to work twice as hard as others do for it, good! It will only make you a stronger person 🙂

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